Web Infrastructure

We all know that web sites should no longer be billboards of static information on the web. Web sites need to do much more in today's socially media oriented world. Having a unique, professional graphics design that compliments and helps mold your business model is essential in today's world. Web sites have always and will continue to start with a compelling high-end graphics design.

Sanibel Logic has a tremendous amount of experience in building web sites for small to medium sized businesses alike. Our team has put together literally hundreds of web sites and internet applications for clients, all starting with the look and feel of high-end graphics and all being fully CSS compliant and easily adaptable to new emerging technologies; such as HTML5. Sanibel Logic does not design and develop "graphic templates", we design custom and unique high-end graphic designs that promote your business.

There are many important elements to consider when designing web sites and each is addressed during a unique personal collaborative process with our clients. Things like navigational structure and schematics, content structure and breakdown, content animation, presentation of supplemental information, the personality of the graphics used, color and composition of the graphical containers, and how the overall site will exist in the grand scheme of the social internet.

Socrates Enterprise Framework

Sanibel Logic uses highly scalable backend technology; technology which facilitates 24 X 7 operations, security, redundancy and best of all; peace of mind. Sanibel Logic starts with a highly scalable backend content management framework called Socrates which reduces initial web site development by 75% - 90%. Based on Microsoft web technologies and carefully selected open-source technologies, Socrates does not overly constrain the core technologies, however provides a thin layer of encapsulation to ensure that nothing within the framework inhibits the continued rapid growth and improvement of the overall framework. Socrates is architected for growth.

Designed to empower non-technical users, Socrates provides numerous ways for users to maintain their own web content. Web sites can be deployed in a manner which allow users to decide what, how and when to publish web content. Electronic commerce product and shopping cart content is also maintained by non-technical users with a content versioning approach. Sell products online via a rich ecommerce deployment system. Sanibel Logic builds turn-key online stores that enable you to manage and promote your product lines.

Open source content management offerings like WordPress and others can provide you with a low-end, low-cost and disposable content management solution, however if you view your content management purchase as an investment in scalable and proven technology, which likely has a life span perhaps even longer than your business, then you should closely examine Sanibel Logic and Socrates.

Web Infrastructure

Socrates is architected for growth.

One usually gets what one pays for in life; even with content management systems.

Sanibel Logic uses highly scalable backend technology; providing best of all; peace of mind.