Mobile Delivery

Thinking beyond the desktop is critical for today's web. Adobe is moving away from Flash technology and embracing HTML5 for mobile. CSS3 is being used for creative aspects of graphics design never before imagined. Today's web sites are being hit with an ever increasing array of devices and browsers. All of this change demands that today's web sites deliver a fluid and responsive design, as illustrated in this Stanford University screen capture. What adapts well to a high resolution desktop PC or Mac must also adapt well to a mobile device; tablet or smart phone.

Designing responsive web sites require a thoughtful process on the part of graphics designers and software developers; they need to redistribute the elements according to the screen resolution, in order to guarantee best possible experience to the users in terms of navigability and readability, with proper utilization of several grid and layout systems, images and CSS3 media queries.

Fluid and responsive web designs means more than adapting to smaller or larger viewable real estate. With the aid of media queries, data grids can be resizable; thus adjusting to the larger or smaller real estate. Media queries may also dictate how images are injected into web content. Media queries can dictate how CSS3 is applied as well. Fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries are the three technical ingredients for a responsive web design

HTML5 is a generic term which refers to a collection of features which include, but are not limited to enhanced support for video, audio, local storage, browser geolocation access, Internet communications, enhanced form elements and 2D graphics. Browsers are independently and selectively implementing such features in a phased manner. Mobile device browsers were the first adopters of HTML5. Desktop browsers are progressively supporting HTML5. CSS3 also provides runtime support for creative techniques, formerly the sole domain of the graphics designer, including corner radius support, enhanced borders and overall color and background enhancements. HTML5 and CSS3 hold the promise for greatly improving the web user experience.

With any emerging technology there are opportunities and challenges. Sanibel Logic has the professional expertise to carefully weight how these emerging technologies are used in conjunction with legacy technologies. Sanibel Logic's experience is vital for your business.

Mobile Delivery

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