About Us

Sanibel Logic is located on beautiful Sanibel Island in Southwest Florida, adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. Founded by former finance industry software professionals, the Sanibel Logic management team brings decades of software development experience, technology company management and Sales and Marketing expertise with US domestic as well as International clientele.

Sanibel Logic provides custom enterprise web design and deployment; addressing mobile as well as all delivery channels demanded by your business. All services are based on years of working knowledge with the Microsoft ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX and jQuery/jQuery Mobile Web 2.0 technologies.

Customer Testimonials
..with licensees in over thirty nine (39) countries..

Awesome, works great.

Danny M - Licensed User

I was extremely happy with the support. Let me say that again: I was EXTREMELY happy with the support. Sanibel Logic took the time to check out some basic issues with the software, fixed them and sent me a new version, all within a couple days time. You can't ask for better, and I've been around a bit and bought several modules from different developers. He's got the best SSL redirecting software available for DNN. Highly recommended.

George Y. - Licensed User

SSLRedirect is very easy to install and configure. It works great right out of the box. Most importantly, the support is fantastic. Even when the problem wasn't directly related to SSL Redirect but resided in one of DNN's modules, Sanibel Logic tenaciously attacked the problem until he found the solution, saving us hours if not days of head banging. If you want to keep your site's individual pages secure using SSL, then SSL Redirect is the answer.

Michael M. - Licensed User