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...Never before have web technologies been so vital to small and medium sized business growth and success. In a world of complex mobile, server and desktop offerings, Sanibel Logic facilitates the rapid adoption of web technologies; empowering the enterprise end-user with scalable tools and technologies to manage and accelerate their Internet growth and success...
Mobile Delivery

In one respect content delivery channels are growing much smaller; ranging from tablets to smart phones, while at the other extreme desktop footprints are growing larger yet thinner as they provide much higher screen resolution. Today's web sites are being hit with an ever increasing array of devices and browsers. Mobile web content must now be delivered to over twenty two (22) browsers from companies including Apple, Blackberry, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Palm and Samsung. Web Sites and their underlying designs must adapt to this diverse climate through fluid and responsive designs.

Web Infrastructure

Sanibel Logic provides custom enterprise web design and deployment. Our web design engagements are characterized by high-end graphics, developed by our own in-house graphic artists, and a highly scalable web content framework; called Socrates. Well known in the industry as a Hosted offering, Socrates is based on Microsoft ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX and jQuery/jQuery Mobile Web 2.0 technologies. Designed for the small and medium sized enterprise, Socrates empowers the non-technical user to manage their own web content and reduces web site development by 75% to 90%.


Sanibel Logic now offers tailored consulting service engagements for the client needing extensive support beyond the typical Socrates web site deployment. We leverage our knowledge in Microsoft ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX and jQuery/jQuery Mobile for such engagements. We possess a unique array of knowledge not only in web server based technologies but also client oriented development; such as native Windows development and Mobile development. Mobile expertise includes the iPhone and iPad iOS IDE as well as the Android and Windows Phone 7 development environments.